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Renault Captur

Transmission: All Automatic Manual. Fuel Type: All Diesel Petrol. Engine Size: All 0.

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Mr Mrs Miss Dr. The small crossover market has boomed in recent years and the Renault Captur is the popular French take on the taller supermini sector. Read on for our fulsome guide to the Renault Captur, as we explain what it is and talk you through the highlights and weaknesses of the range. The slowest ones can be quite tardy.

Just one diesel is offered - the dCi 90, available in manual or automatic specs.

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Play is the entry model, rising through Iconic, S Edition and GT Line - and you can also choose a variety of different colour packs to make your Captur stand out from the crowd. The Captur is a neat-looking baby crossover, with a flavour of pumped-up Clio to the wardrobe. The underlying engineering package of the current Captur is resolutely simple.

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We like the slightly raised driving position, which lifts you above the crowd in urban driving environments. The DIY manual transmission is also marginally cleaner, with lower CO2 figures helping your tax position. There are also some generous lease and PCP deals on this model.

Most noticeable changes are to the nose design which falls more in line with the larger Kadjar and Koleos, while the interior enjoyed an upgrade and equipment levels were boosted.